Serve Locally, Live More Fully Alive in Jesus!

Matt Shiles

How does the new vision advance the gospel through local missions? Heading into this new season, that is a question we are thinking about often. We won’t fully answer that question here, but simply asking it to one another has tremendous value.

At its core, local missions is the way we live out our faith by serving locally in our community. This is in response to the Great Commission and the Great Commandments. Regarding the question, when we understand the why, then we are free to explore how that might be fulfilled through our unique gifts individually and as a Northland family. We have many local partners, relationships and ministries available for you to check out.

How might serving in the community help you live a life more fully alive in Jesus? We invite you to explore how you might answer that question. This invitation is available to anyone who is longing for his or her life to matter.

    We specifically want to invite middle schoolers, high schoolers and college-age people to engage in our upcoming opportunities. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to bring a friend, classmate or family member along to any of these events.

When Helping Hurts is incredible training for people looking to serve those around them. It will challenge people’s thinking and leave them asking many more questions.

Our Local Serve Day is a great next step to put that knowledge into action. We challenge you to check out the following opportunities and engage others to do the same!

You Are Invited to Engage!

Attend the When Helping Hurts Seminar  

Chances are your intentions are good, but how do you go about making sure your work is actually helping those in need and not hurting them? At the When Helping Hurts two-day seminar, learn how to properly walk with the needy in humble relationships rather than gifting them temporary handouts.

The seminar teaches people to rethink the way they view poverty by addressing the roots of the issue and then provides practical instructions on how to mobilize to engage in effective poverty alleviation. Join governing elder Jim Dees and his team as they unpack this amazing curriculum, taught by Brian Fikkert, coauthor of the book “When Helping Hurts.”  

The seminar will be held Friday, October 5 from 5 to 8 p.m. (dinner provided), and Saturday, October 6 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (breakfast and lunch provided). Register at For more information, contact Jim Dees at

Local Serve Day October 27!

Saturday Serve Days give us an opportunity as a larger body to put our faith into action in a very tangible way. By putting the “When Helping Hurts” principles into practice, we hope that these days are not one-and-done types of events. The following are three simple ways your serving can be the start of something extraordinary and lasting.

Connect With the Organization
     Central Florida has incredible organizations doing amazing work. Serve Days give us exposure to this work. Take the time to learn who they are and what they do. During the project, ask if you can sign up for the organization’s volunteer newsletter. This could open up further serving opportunities for you, your family or your group throughout the year.

Connect With Those You Serve Alongside
A great way to make a large church feel more personal is by connecting with those around you. Find out which service they attend. Maybe you are part of a group you can invite them to join. If you are open and aware of these connections, you will be amazed at whom you run into throughout the foyer on the weekends.

Experience Personal Growth and Transformation
Giving your time has lasting effects on you and those around you. In addition, serving has an impact on how you can use your unique gifting and skills to serve others in the future.

Join us October 27! Arrive at 8 a.m. for a shirt, breakfast, project information and group connections. Serve Day concludes at noon in the community of your project. Look for new projects, but many of the same great projects from past Serve Days will still be available. Project sign-ups will be available by September 27 (one month before the event) at

If you are interested in helping to organize the next Serve Day, contact Matthew Shiles at or 407-937-1768.

Thanks for Helping Red Bag, Stuff the Bus!

Thank you to those who served through our Red Bag project! The 7,691 pounds of food collected will help stock the pantry of Winter Springs Elementary. This made 1,060 bags, to be delivered to students who need it most on the weekends.

Eighty-five people helped sort and pack.

“I do this because I want to be able to help in a small way those less fortunate, but also I want to teach my grandkids ... to volunteer and have a heart for others,” said volunteer Vicki Whited.

For Stuff the Bus, our bus departed en route to A Gift 4 Teaching – Seminole County filled with school supplies Northland families collected. Upon arrival, we immediately received a call from store supervisor Becky Miller, who said, “I’m always blown away by the support we receive from Northland families. ... Thank you just never seems enough.”

Thank you for your generosity, Northland!