Roots, by Becky Hunter

Becky Hunter

Joel's sabbatical this month has been filled with lots of prayer time, study, rest and adventures. It's been an incredibly refreshing time; thank you for your prayers. Ever since we got married, 45 years ago this month, we have talked about "going to Alaska someday." We finally did. And what we are seeing is amazing. The glaciers, whales, mountains and wildlife make it difficult to believe we are only 4,000 miles from home. We are not just seeing God's fingerprints here, we are seeing His boldest hugs! His creativity and passion for beauty is impossible to miss!

Near the glacier at Juneau there are massive gorgeous gardens. And the master gardener there, for 30 years, has had great success in "re-planting" trees that have been uprooted by storms. But he plants them upside down. You read that right. He digs a hole at least 15 feet deep and sticks the top of the tree in the hole. This puts the roots anywhere from 15 to 50 feet in the air. And then the Master Gardener plants dozens and dozens of various flowers and plants in that bowl-shaped-tree-root basin that, for decades, had been underground so that a single tree could grow in stature and stability. Only a master gardener would be able to envision this beautiful and greater function for and uprooted tree!

We, Christians, have a Master Gardener. And when storms of life knock us down He has entirely new ways He can use us; ways that never have crossed our minds. He is fully capable of expanding our purpose and making us more useful than ever, but it may require that He turns our lives upside down so that many others can thrive.

"Like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the love and kindness of God forever and ever." – Psalm 52:8