Rescue, by Becky Hunter

Becky Hunter

Just the other day, I read an article written about a good samaritan who had stopped to rescue a large “turtle” whose wanderings had taken him to the middle of a road. The thoughtful person and his traveling buddy managed to get the unwieldy creature into the back of his pickup truck and transported to a nearby lake.  For a moment, before dropping the hard-shelled animal into the water, he held it above the waves so that his buddy could snap of picture of his good deed. The splash of “success” came seconds later, but posting his “good deed” on social media didn’t result in the kudos he expected. Comments, instead, revealed that he had not found a turtle crossing the road, he had found a gopher tortoise! For all his good intentions and effort, he had likely drowned the poor thing – tortoises aren’t good swimmers!

The whole scene reminded me just how important it is to learn all I can about everything I can, and to know where to find out more because I’ll never learn enough! None of us “know what we don’t know,” but all of us on a journey of faith can make sure we aren’t relying solely on our emotions to solve problems without wisdom’s input.  There is a reason Scripture says to “study to show thyself approved.” And it isn’t just to keep us from drowning tortoises.