Northland hosting trunk or treat for community

Nathan Clark

On October 27, Northland is hosting our first ever trunk or treat right here in Longwood! From 6 to 9 p.m., immediately after a special “trunk-ated” 5 p.m. worship service, we’ll open lot 2, just in front of the Worship Center, for trunk-or-treat fun. The event will be open house-style, so you can join us anytime between 6 and 9 p.m.

What’s a trunk or treat? In a word, it's … fun! In a trunk or treat, people decorate their car trunks, and then kids and families get to walk through a parking lot, touring the trunks and collecting candy. The decorations are often pretty creative; sometimes they even involve moving parts or interactive games.

In addition to the trunks and the treats, Chick-fil-A will be set up on-site, and we’ll also serve some fun desserts and snacks.

This event is about more than just decorating trunks and passing out treats. Northland’s already home to many hundreds of families, between those who worship with us on the weekends and our co-op school families. This trunk or treat will give all of us an opportunity to be together in a really fun environment. Plus, it provides an easy opportunity for us to invite our friends to Northland to join in the festivities with us.

For this trunk or treat to happen – for us to provide this space for fellowship and outreach – we need your help! There are five different ways you can help make our inaugural trunk or treat a reality.

1. Come to the trunk or treat!
You don’t need to register, but if you use Facebook, indicate on our events page that you’re going. In fact, it’d be great if you thought of some friends to invite too. You can invite them in person or even invite them to the event online. Even if you can’t make it, it will still help a lot to invite some friends and share the event!

2. Host a trunk!
It’s not a trunk or treat without trunks, so we need hosts who will decorate their trunks and use their cars as hosts for candy distribution throughout the night. We’ll need the trunks set up before the event starts and the cars in place until after it ends, which we know is a lot of work! If you’re part of a small group, class, ministry or community with some creative flair, this is a great way to serve together. Then different people in your community can share the responsibility of decorating and can take turns manning the trunk over the course of the night.

Registration to host a trunk will open September 27 at

3. Donate candy!
We’re expecting to need 75,000 pieces of candy to serve all the families and children – 75,000 pieces! If we leave that to the trunk hosts, that’s going to be a tall order. But if instead all of us join in the effort together and buy an extra bag of assorted candies when we’re out grocery shopping, we can make short work of that. We’re specifically collecting individually wrapped sample-size candies. They can be chocolate bars, Swedish Fish, gummies, Starburst ... As long as they’re in sealed packaging, we’ll take them!

We’ll have a candy collection station in the foyer throughout October, so you’ll be able to drop off extra individually packaged candy anytime during October.

4. Serve and help set up, tear down or make the event happen!
Part of what makes a trunk or treat such a great event is each trunk is decorated and staffed by individual groups. But we’re still going to have lots of candy to sort, lots of space to set up, and lots of families to receive and help. Plus, we’ll need help with cleanup after all the treats have been passed out and all the trunks have been closed.

The morning of the trunk or treat is a Serve Day. As always, we’ll have teams heading into the community for the same kinds of serve projects we do each quarter – helping partner organizations and individuals meet practical needs. But this time we’ll also have serve projects that involve the trunk or treat. We’ll have a team helping prepare for the event and a team doing community outreach and invitation to the local neighborhoods. This serve day will even feature a serve night, a chance to put on your blue shirts and help tear down the event under the stars so that we can get the parking lot ready again for our Sunday morning community.

We’re also looking for teams to help during the event. We need lots of help to coordinate the logistics as well as to serve our guests and families and do everything we can to make sure people have a great time.

Registration for the serve opportunities will open September 27 at

Last, but certainly not least …

5. Pray!
While a trunk or treat might be new to Northland, the ideas behind the event are very familiar – community, outreach and service. We’re hoping to encourage and support our families. We’re hoping to invite the broader community, and even invite them into our community. And we’re hoping to serve in the way Jesus did, through love and practical action. So would you start praying for the event now?

     You can pray specifically for:

  • The families that aren’t part of a faith community who will be invited to the trunk or treat – for God to draw them in and their hearts to be receptive to the invitation into community.
  • The families that are part of our community – for God to strengthen them and put other families on their hearts to invite.
  • The trunk hosts – for creativity in their planning and preparation.
  • The serve projects – for the people in need now or soon, and for those who will go out to serve and love the community.

Whether you’re able to attend, host a trunk, provide some treats, serve or pray, we hope you can take part in this awesome time of fun in the life of our church family. See you October 27!