New Calling for Pastor Jeff

Jeff Bell

For nearly five years it has been such a great joy - a great honor - for Leslee, Lauren, Garrett and I to be a part of serving and leading here at Northland.   As we turn the calendar and begin 2017, we'll continue to serve Jesus alongside you with passion and faith, but we'll do so in another role and with another church, one that many of you know and love well.  Beginning in January, I'll be joining the leadership team at Summit Church as their Herndon campus pastor.

When Leslee and I moved to Orlando in 2012, we truly did so with the belief that we'd live out our days with Northland.  So this transition has come as a bit of a surprise to us.  Yet we've come to believe and fully embrace that God has a new chapter ahead for our family, one that we walk into with great joy!

We also walk forward with much gratitude:  the gift of serving at such a wonderful and impacting church; the ways many of you personally came alongside our family during our most difficult challenges with Lauren's health; the trust afforded to me to serve and speak into the lives of the Northland family (at Lake County, Longwood, and Oviedo!); the generous grace when I've missed the mark, and the "high fives" when we've shared wins...our family moves forward with great gratitude. Many times these past few weeks I've just shaken my head at the marvel that God has allowed us the remarkable gift of being here with you.

As we move forward we ask for your prayers, committing to you ours. Through the family of God being expressed at Northland, Summit, and all the other amazing churches in our region, may Jesus shine brightly throughout central Florida and beyond!  May 2017 truly be a wonderful New Year. 

On mission with you...still,
Jeff, Leslee, Lauren, and Garrett