LifeHope Benevolence Offers Assistance and Much More

Holly Gibbons

When you think of a benevolence ministry, the first thing that may come to mind is people seeking financial assistance. This, in fact, is how most of the clients of Northland’s benevolence ministry, LifeHope, come to us. These clients are in need of financial assistance; however, LifeHope wants to offer so much more.

The LifeHope ministry seeks to walk with people through their hardship, providing encouragement, empowerment, prayer, and connection, along with financial assistance. The goal of LifeHope is not only to meet the material needs our clients have but, most importantly, to guide them into a relationship with Christ and others.

A former client recalls her journey with LifeHope: “Words could not express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for what Northland Church and their staff have done to help me in the last four months. I came to Northland asking for financial help in a crisis in my life that I, in my wildest imagination, would never have thought would happen to me. Little did I know that the crisis was a cry for help in getting closer to Jesus and His plans for me. Throughout the weekly visits to Northland, Holly and Weegie (a volunteer) would listen to me and how I was feeling, and ask how I was doing. We would laugh, I was free to cry even, and [we] always end with a plan and prayer.”

If you would like to be part of seeing lives change through the power of relationship, consider volunteering in LifeHope and becoming part of its journey. For more information, contact Ivonne Schatte at

If you find yourself in a time of financial need or crisis, go to the LifeHope application page,, to learn more about how the process works. LifeHope benevolence is only possible because of the faithful tithes and offerings of the Northland congregation, so thank you to all who participate financially in our ministries at Northland! We have all been so blessed to be a blessing to others!