Join Max McLean for “A Theatrical Journey Through the Life of C.S. Lewis”


On Sunday, April 15, at 4:00 p.m., Northland will be taken on a fascinating theatrical journey of C.S. Lewis’ life by award-winning actor Max McLean, founder and artistic director of the New York City-based Fellowship for Performing Arts.

From the very young to the young at heart, The Chronicles of Narnia symbolism and life lessons engender life-changing impacts. Written by world-renowned influencer and writer, C.S. Lewis (1898–1963), it is one of his many influential books. In fact, he’s written over 30, including Mere Christianity, Out of the Silent Planet, The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters.

Though his literary works are well known, many may not be aware of Lewis’ life and struggles with faith, and his journey from aggressive challenger to indisputable advocate of Christianity, progressing to one of the most influential and distinguished Christian intellectuals of the 20th Century.

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