Northland’s Young Artists

Eleanor Tracey

The Studios at Northland offers a place for young artists to explore creativity and experience God’s love.

“Every child is an artist
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
Pablo Picasso

Northland’s vision for young artists is simple: to provide an environment for those in the next generation to grow in their faith and explore their gifts. Culture influences art, and art influences culture. We believe the arts provide a beautiful vehicle for exploring God’s world, revealing His love and advancing His kingdom.

For the past eight summers, Northland has hosted Worship in the Arts Camp for students entering grades four through eight. Professional artists within the Northland community, working alongside our True North summer interns, focused on developing each student’s talent and encouraging authentic expressions of worship. For five days each year, instructors, interns, administrators and many volunteers have enjoyed a front-row seat watching perspectives widening, creativity blossoming, confidence rising, passions igniting and hearts receiving Jesus as Savior. As a result, lives have been changed. For that we are very thankful!

Each camp has been rewarding for so many people yet has left many instructors and students wanting more than one intensely focused week followed by 51 weeks of waiting for the next camp. Each spring, registration has filled quickly, and long waiting lists have been an accepted reality. The Worship in the Arts staff continued to see the untapped potential to invest in more students on a more regular basis – and to create an environment where students could build strong relationships with adult mentors and a community of peers.

This year, necessity became the mother of invention, and the next step in Northland’s vision for young artists began to take shape. Due to our reduced staff and the absence of summer interns, we are unable to offer our Worship in the Arts Camp this summer. With that in mind, and being committed to investing even more in young artists, this January Northland launched a ministry called The Studios at Northland.

Throughout the year, The Studios will offer multiple opportunities to learn in settings such as private or group lessons, workshops, master classes, labs and performing arts opportunities in a variety of disciplines.

Spring 2018
The Studios at Northland is offering private and group music lessons in drums, guitar, piano and voice for all ages through The Music Box, as well as Northland’s Children’s Choir for grades three through five. Other campus opportunities for creativity include North Sports for middle school students and the Open Floor for high school performing artists. Additionally, the Community Art Connection for adults with disabilities offers weekday classes in music, dance, culinary arts, martial arts and visual arts.

Summer 2018
The Music Box at The Studios is offering a one-week rockband workshop called Rock the Box. To register for Rock the Box, call 407.505.1611 or email In addition, The Studios will be offering a dance workshop, a video lab and a teen vocal ensemble, so stay tuned for registration details.

Fall 2018
In addition to middle and high school activities, we’re excited to offer opportunities for younger students (grade school-age) to engage in the arts through music, movement, rhythm and singing. These opportunities will incorporate poetry, body percussion and Orff instruments as they explore God’s artistic creation.

Fast-forward with us to 2020. As this vision unfolds, we hope to see youths in the Longwood community view The Studios at Northland as a place that feels like home – where they can come every day after school to explore, grow and experience God's love through their relationships with their teachers and one another. Kids on campus can take part in the Open Floor, North Sports, music lessons, choir, study hall, dance, drama, photography, visual arts, gaming, culinary arts and horticulture!

The Studios’ mission is to provide an environment where all students, especially those who need us the most, can explore their creative interests and experience God’s love. Our objectives include enabling each student to draw near to Christ through the arts and His people; develop connectedness to self, God and others; and experience exploration that goes beyond what was once imagined.

“Creativity takes courage”
Henri Matisse

We want our kids and our community to see that the canvases of creativity include far more than stretched linen, a lump of clay or the strings of a guitar. Creativity can be displayed on a martial arts mat, on a soccer field, on a cleared plot of fertile soil, on a blank piece of paper, on a wall, on a dance floor, on a cooktop and, most importantly, in relationships.

     “When artists give form to revelation, their art can advance, deepen and potentially transform the consciousness of their community.”
– Alex Grey

Scholarships will be available. If you are looking for ways to receive or give support, or for more information on The Studios at Northland, contact Susan Eissele at
or 407-949-4029, or go to