Disaster Response Team Deployed to Marianna, FL

Bradley Nolff

This morning seven volunteers from our Disaster Response Team were deployed to Marianna, FL, located in the panhandle, to serve in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

The entire city of Marianna is currently without electricity and has experienced mass destruction.

Northland’s Disaster Response Team was initiated after Hurricanes Charlie, Jean, and Frances, and was first mobilized in 2004, when some of the deadliest tornadoes in Florida’s history swept through the state. The team is made up of volunteers from the congregation and throughout the community.

We are serving in partnership with, and at the request of, First Methodist Church of Marianna and the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. Today, the team will begin providing a meal a day to over 500 people at the Madison Square Park Shelter. We anticipate serving meals and helping with debris clean up for at least 2-3 weeks. A second team of volunteers will join our team in Marianna this Sunday.

How you can help.
First and foremost, would you pray? Pray that our team would arrive safely and that God would use us in a powerful way. Secondly, would you consider giving to our Disaster Response Fund to help cover expenses for this trip? Donations can also be made to by texting a dollar amount followed by "Northland Disaster" (example: "50 Northland Disaster") or by giving online.

More updates to come… Follow us on social media to get the latest updates from our team.

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