Becky Hunter

My brother, Matt, got me this great stationery for Christmas. What better way to use it, than to write a note to you:

Dear YOU,

Merry Christmas! I hope your Christmas will be filled with joy - the kind of joy that comes when you remember that God sent Jesus to earth to save us from life separated from Him. I hope your Christmas will be filled with confidence - the kind of confidence that comes from knowing that God loves you so much that He sent Jesus to earth to take away our sins. I hope your Christmas will be filled with peace - the kind of peace that comes from trusting that God was, is and is to come. And I hope that you will join me to celebrate all of that, onsite or online for one of Northland’s six Christmas Eve Worship Services. Joel’s message for those services is entitled “Everything is About to Change -It Just Did!” Then on Christmas Day, Sunday, join us onsite or online for an 11 am service that will be filled with lots of Christmas carols and a message, from Pastor Vernon Rainwater, entitled “The Mysterious, the Melancholy and the Mundane.”  Christmas Eve Service Times

May God bless you much and always!



P.S. Joel asked me to tell you “Merry Christmas” from him, and that he loves “all y’all!”