Care Center Gets New Look

by Pastor Jeremy Jobson

You probably noticed the new construction project that has taken place on the east side of the Northland campus...


The High-Five Man

by Jenny Metzdorf

That high five said, "You matter. You are valuable, I love you, and Jesus loves you more."

How I Found My Place at Northland

by Chandler Bazemore

Northland is a big place and it’s hard to not get overwhelmed by the size, especially for a newcomer like me. Where do I fit in this church?

The Wisdom of Culture

by Matt Certo

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by the concept of culture. In school I learned...

Seedlings and Stories

by Greg Robson

If Northland is going to thrive in the months and years to come, it will be because we’ve lived out the tenor of the recent...