Paul and King Agrippa (May 12-14)

by Northland Children's Ministries

God made Paul bold to speak about Jesus to King Agrippa and Paul prayed for him to believe.

Transition Updates

Vision Update From Pastor Matt

by Pastor Matt Heard

As many of you know, we have been in a re-visioning process these last few months—listening for, praying about and talking with one...

Transition Updates

A Letter From Pastor Vernon

by Pastor Vernon Rainwater

On behalf of the elders, I want to give you some exciting news regarding leadership and staffing changes that have taken place over the...

A Mothers’s Day Message

by Millie Barnes

The hope and encouragement that the world offers is far from perfect. God’s hope is unchanging, and forever. When we seek...

What Is Poverty?

by Matt Shiles

What is poverty? Although you might not think about it often, the way you answer this question can have a profound effect on how...


May in Children’s Ministries

by Northland Children's Ministries

Check out what's happening for families at Northland in the month of May!