The Life of Elijah (Aug 18-20)

by Northland Children

We see God's power in the way He uses the gifts He has given us to build up His kingdom and to bring others close to Him.

Fully Alive T-Shirts

by Northland Church

Our series shirts are now available for purchase at the Northland Bookstore and the online bookstore for $20!

Engaging People to Be Fully Alive in Jesus!

by Melissa Bogdany & Melinda Rutland

Ranging in age from 17 to almost 70 and representing nearly every area of ministry at Northland, the 49 members of the vision team...

Finance Update

by Kevin Urichko

This year is continuing to be a significant season of transition for Northland Church. One aspect of change has included the revisioning...

You Were Made for More

by Matt Shiles

This fall I will participate in a 15-week Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class at University Presbyterian Church. Over the...

The People Who Count

by Rebecca Lang

God is doing something really special at Northland. He is leading us into a new season with a new vision and a new passion for helping...