Christmas Camp: Take Four

by Jessica Saphirstein

On December 28, 114 high schoolers boarded three buses and began the journey to Carolina Point, a Young Life camp...

Make Your Someday Today!

by Patti Harshey

Is your someday in 2019? Say yes to a short-term mission trip! For more than a decade...

Heaven’s Light

by Meg Johnson

Modern-day slavery is also an epic eulogy of stealing and destroying the human spirit, all for the pleasure of others. Selling a...

Winter/Spring Connections Weekend

by Rebecca Lang

Did you know that more than 100 people serve our Northland family by leading classes, ministries and groups?

Serving with Heart

by David Saphirstein

From volunteering at our welcome desk to serving with Pastor Gus, and working the bookstore, Rebecca Lang has been serving with Northland...

Sharing the Good News

by Greg Robson

Since 1987, Northland has operated a bookstore, catering to both the congregation and the general public. According to...