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Watch a favorite Christmas movie.

Take cookies to the nearest fire station. 

Take a picture with the friends or family with whom you're following the calendar. Tag @northlandchurch

Donate toys to Christmas House.

Read John 1:6-9.

Light the first Advent candle (Hope).

Call a friend or family member who lives in another state.

Pray for those in your life who do not know Jesus.

Sing "What Child is This" together with your friends or family. Take a video and tag @northlandchurch.

Wear an article of Christmas clothing (sweater, tie, socks).

Read Luke 1:37-38. Reflect on Mary's obedience in believing the Word of God.

Brainstorm ideas for a way your family can serve someone.

Pray for that person to trust God's promises just as Joseph did when he was called.

Make/write in Christmas cards for residents at the nearest nursing home (see Day 9).

Deliver cards (and some candy canes!) to a nursing home and visit with the residents.

Read Luke 1:26-33.

Light the second Advent candle (Joy).

Sit next to someone new at church.

Volunteer at Christmas House.

Read Isaiah 9:6-7.

Reflect on "Jesus' government" and how it has changed the world.

Pay for the person behind you in the drive-through (or at coffee counter).

Pray for our government.

Go look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music!

Pray for Christians around the world.

Sing "Joy to the World" together with your friends or family. Take a video and tag @northlandchurch.

Go ice skating at Winter Park or UCF ... or enjoy a holiday movie in your warm home ;)

Serve a meal with your family/friends at Ronald McDonald House, Pathways to Care, Coalition for the Homeless, etc.

Go Christmas Caroling with Northland.

Read Luke 2:1-7.

Light the third Advent candle (Love).

Pray for the homeless, for those who are alone, and for soldiers who are far from home this Christmas. Ask God to show them all that He is with them.

Leave a Thank You note for your mail carrier.

Pray for a close friend.

Read Luke 1:39-56.

Write your own song or poem of praise about Jesus.

Take a picture of your family/friends in front of your Christmas tree.

Tag @northlandchurch.

Wish a stranger "Merry Christmas".

Enjoy a hot chocolate with family/friends.

Bake Christmas cookies for your neighbors.

Read Luke 2:8-20.

Light the fourth Advent candle (Peace) and the center candle (the Christ candle).

Take a picture of your family/friends in front of the Northland Christmas tree in the foyer. Tag @northlandchurch.