Chasing Wisdom is your source for conversation and serious ideas for those striving to become wiser leaders in business.

Your host is Dr. Sam Certo, who is the Steinmetz Professor of Management in the Graduate school of Business at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Sam also serves as a leader at Northland, A Church Distributed in Central Florida.

Along with leaders from various fields, our goal is to provide practical wisdom for those navigating real world business challenges. Welcome to this conversation about how to become a wiser leader in Business, Bible and Life.


Accountability Matters

Dr. Sam Certo

Featuring Guest Wes Naylor | President and Managing Partner, Coe & Naylor Group

If Needed, Use Words

Dr. Sam Certo

Featuring Guest John Rivers | Owner/ Head Chef, 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Walk With The Wise

Dr. Sam Certo

Featuring Guest Gordon Mason | President, Choice Assets

The Power Of Nice

Dr. Sam Certo

Featuring Guest Eric Gray | Executive Director, United Against Poverty

Don’t Shut The Door

Dr. Sam Certo

Featuring Guest Randy Alligood | Partner, Broad and Cassel

Evergreen Wisdom

Dr. Sam Certo

Featuring Guest Mark Starcher | President & CEO at Evergreen Construction

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