Prayer is not just about asking God for help. Prayer also offers a unique opportunity to invite others to ask God for help on our behalf. Lift some of these requests up to God during your prayer time today.

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Prayer Requests

nicole romero

February 14

I ask for prayer , my father Steve marks has battled cancer over a year almost two. His body and all organs are shutting down daily. I ask god to have mercy upon him. And to end this suffering he is now in. Please !!! My hearts broken he's my best friend. I need to let him go. No more pain

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Koch Kichan

February 14

Today, on this very blessed valentines day, I request intercession of St.Valentine for my prayers to my father lord. I pray for today being a blessed day for all those who keep love for their partner alive in their hearts. I request for lords mediation between me and my most loved kichan. I...

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tari johnson

February 13

Everyday is getting harder mentally. No job for 3 months as a single parent is scary and disheartening. I spend all day applying for jobs with no success. I have another phone interview trying to stay hopeful Please pray I am on the right path and I hear God's plan.

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Cindy Dutcher

February 13

Please pray for my Dad, Jerry Dutcher. He had an accidental fall and has bleeding in his brain. Need prayers that God will heal him!! Thank you!

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Yvonne Smith

February 13

Can you please pray for my cousin Elizabeth Joseph Wheeler who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has lung cancer and the doctors said she can't take chemo theraphy because it upsets her stomach so they called in a hospice group. I pray the doctors find a treatment for her God bless her thank...

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Jessie Santiago

February 12

Please pray for my son, that he changes his way of life and starts praying , he is falling apart with doing ridiculous things and has stop believing in his Christian beliefs, help him get a job dear lord and get his mind straighten, he is blessed in so many ways, he needs a job and emotional help,...

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Todd Lazenby

February 12

For my daughter, Lilli, who suffered a concussion this past week. Please pray for her physical healing as well as the emotional disappointment of having to miss out on events she was looking forward to during her senior year of high school...that she joyfully sees God's hand in all of it. Thank you!

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Cathy Ma

February 12

In the name of Jesus, may Jackie F receive a miracle of healing. She suddenly got terribly sick and had to have surgery for an aneurysm . Father, as you already know, she is in critical condition. Lift up and bless her and her family during this situation. Help them all to remain strong. Only you,...

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shoshana Kinsbursky

February 12

I have prayed so hard and continuously fro this great favor. I have lost a man I miss so much…I think of him often and wish to reconcile to bring this relationship the compassion and godliness it requires. I want to bring my highest self to it, my laughter, my forgiveness. I am sorry for not...

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