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Prison and Jail Transition

Next Step: Northland Training: August 13, 2014

Question: I completed the Department of Corrections Training. Now what do I do?

In order to serve in one of the correctional facilities that Northland serves, a two step process is required. One step invovled the required certification for the correctional facility. Each facility has a seperate application and a seperate certification process. For example, we serve in Florida prisons (Department of Corrections), Seminole County Jail (Seminole Sheriff's Office), Bridges of America (BOA). it would require an application for each facility and their certification meeting. In addition, the Northland Jail and Prison ministry has a ministry training. Once you have completed each step and your background check is cleared, you are ready to join a team.

Question: I missed the July 28, Department of Corrections training. What do I do?

All training sessions will be repeated. It may be several months so try to attend which ever trainig is offered at the time, as it requires both. The next trainig is the Northland ministry training, August 13, 2014. Register here.

Question: I heard about a monthly ministry meeting. Is this required.

The Jail and Prison team meets monthly. It is not required, but it is a wonderful time of fellowship and equipping. Each month the team gathers on the 4th Thursday of the month for food, fellowship and fun. Guest speakers and trainers are scheduled throughout the year.



New Opportunity for Women to serve our congregation behind bars.

Department of Corrections onsite training. Saturday June 28.

This training is required for any volunteer becoming part of a discipling team going into the women's prison in Ocala, Fl; Lowell Correctional Facility. The training is delivered by the Department of Corrections and upon completion, you will be eligible to receive a PIN number - your authorization to serve inside a Florida Department of Correction facility with one of the Northland Disciplship Teams. You can download and complete the DOC application below and bring to the training, or recieve a copy at the meeting.

Must bring a clear photo copy of your drivers lisence to meeting.

When: Saturday, June 28, 2014 noon-4:00pm

Where: Northland Church, Room 4206-7

Register: Click Here

Next Steps following training

In addition there will be a Northland Prison and Jail ministry training scheduled in July-August.
Teams will be created based upon your persoanl schedule. We ask for a committment of once a month for one year, understanding that occasionally personal events arrise. This is why we have teams of 10-12 women to accomodate occasional absence. Each team will be lead by an experienced prison ministry leader who has served for a period of time either in the men's prison or the Seminole County Jail.

Maybe your interested in serving in Seminole County Jail?

If so, Complete Application below, submit to Dale Cowart:

Attend the Northland Jail and Prison ministry training in July-August.
Attend the Seminole County Jail Orientation - you will receive invitation from the jail once application has been processed and cleared.
Fingerprints: The Thursday following completion of your on site jail orientation class. (scheduled twice per month).
Scheduled into the jail with a tram of 3-4 other women. Committment once per month for one year.


Men's Opportunities:

The Prison and Jail Transition Ministry (PJTM) serves those who are incarcerated in the local jail, state prison and trheraputic facilities via live webstream worship into their facilitiy. 

Men and women can serve in several roles within the ministry. In-cell and on Northland campus opportunities exist locally, there is something to do for everyone. 



Worship Service Times

POLK Correctional Institute Polk City, FL SUNDAY 9:00am
TOMOKA Correctional Institute, Daytona, FL SATURDAY 5:00pm



Download Application(s) to serve in facility

Department of Corrections: Prison Application - downlad all 4FORMS: Click APPLICATION  HIPPA FORM ID FORM JOB DESC

John E Polk Correctional Facility (Seminole County Jail) Click HERE

Orlando Bridge Application (Orlando) Click HERE


Contact Dale Cowart 407-949-7165. Submit all completed applications to Dale Cowart: email