"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." – Jesus

Do you know the
so that
of your life?

If the highest aim of following Jesus is to be closer to God, then God would have taken you to heaven as soon as you committed your life to Him. But, you're still here, which means there is a reason you woke up this morning.

Do you know why? Have you discovered what it is like to rest at the end of the day and know you were used by God?

God so loved the world that...

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You're invited to be the church.

You have been given so that...

We believe God has uniquely created you – with specific gifts for specific purposes. Your abilities, the way you think, even the things you struggle with, all point toward God's design and deliberate plan.

We want to help you discover why God created you for such a time as this. And we want to help you offer your unique gifts and talents to God and to others in a way you may never have imagined was possible.

You are here
so that...

Not only has God given you specific gifts, but God also has strategically given you a context and a community where you can express those gifts. The web of relationships you already have; the neighborhood where you already live; the place where you already work – these are the people among whom God providentially has placed you.

"On you I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not stand against it." – Jesus

What started with Peter two-thousand years ago extends to you today. Jesus has invited you into a community that is breaking the gates of hell in personal lives, families, and the world at large. You belong in this family and you have a part to play.

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The Church Distributed

In this book by Dr. Joel C. Hunter, learn how to partner effectively with Christians who are not like you, as well as with Christians who have the same vision as you; Build associations with Christians who want to develop lasting relationships for the work of the Gospel; Cooperate with non-Christians for the good of everyone.

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