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Just as God has uniquely created each individual, designing within each one the potential to contribute something precious to the lives of others, so too God has created diversity in His kingdom so that each congregation and Christian organization will make a unique contribution to the world.


Bookstore Hours

Monday: 10 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Tuesday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (summer hours)
Wednesday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Thursday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 4:15 - 7 p.m.
Sunday: 8:15 a.m. - 1 p.m.; 4:15 - 7 p.m.

About the Bookstore

The Northland Bookstore is located at Northland's Longwood campus, behind the Welcome Desk. There you can find Christian books, Bibles, music, sermon CDs, artwork, gifts, greeting cards and T-shirts. Special orders can be made if the item you are looking for is not in stock. Remember to shop “your bookstore” first. Many times, we can order what you need and get you a better price. We look forward to resourcing you soon!

Contact the Bookstore Staff

Donna Kees, Manager,

Sarah Vacca, Asst. Manager,

Bookstore email,

Or call (407) 949-7199

Recent Blog Entries

Why Buy Fair Trade?

Posted October 26, 2014  |  Written by: Donna Kees Twitter

Generally speaking, when a product is categorized as "fair trade," it means the artisan or grower is being paid a fair price for their product. But as Ten Thousand Villages states, “fair trade is not just about the prices—it is founded on a commitment to long-term relationships that provide... (read more)

What Does Your Sabbath Look Like?

Posted January 29, 2014  |  Written by: Donna Kees and Sarah Vacca Twitter

Everyone's Sabbath looks different and we all rest in different ways. Some people take Sunday as a Sabbath and take a walk, watch sports or take a nap on the couch. Others enjoy various hobbies like gardening, reading (books from the Northland bookstore, of course) or playing with their kids in... (read more)


Posted October 22, 2013  |  Written by: Elizabeth Klunk Twitter

Sadly, a majority of the world today is plagued by poverty and corruption. It is with this corruption and lack of resources that often serve as a catalyst for even more corruption, as well as the obtainment of financial gain through questionable resources. But with the aid of amazing... (read more)

Temporary Change in Bookstore Hours

Posted August 22, 2013  |  Written by: Elizabeth Klunk Twitter

Bookstore hours are going to be slightly different the next two weeks. Friday, August 23, 6:30-7:30p.m. for comedy night Monday, August 26, 12:00-8:30p.m. Monday, September 2, closed for Labor Day (read more)

3 Ways to Give The Word

Posted August 22, 2013  |  Written by: Abigail Mills Twitter

  There are three awesome opportunities to get God's Word in the hands of people in need. Bibles For Ghana: A campaign started by the former First Lady of Ghana to give Bibles to 500,000 high school students. You can pay $5.00 for a bible that will be sent to a High School student in... (read more)

Jeremy Camp CD Sale

Posted June 12, 2013  |  Written by: Abi Mills, Northland Bookstore Assistant Manager Twitter

Wonderful music at a wonderful price!  Jeremy Camp's worship album Carried Me is on sale for $5 (that's less than a venti latte at Starbucks!)  The album includes radio favorites "Beautiful One" and "Enough."  Available in the Bookstore while supplies last. (read more)

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People Who Sing Jesus begins with a mysterious, cosmic, biblical principle: The date on your birth certificate is only partially correct. Your arrival on this planet may have taken place at a precise day and time, but the formation of your life occurred long ago in a pre-Genesis moment.

This book isn’t a “how to” book, but a “why to” book. They chose that emphasis because they believe that if a woman knows why a good relationship matters, she is better equipped to design her role in her relationships in a way that can make those relationships better.

Practical applications of biblical principles fill these pages. Any wife that follows them will be a better wife. Becky Hunter believes only the wisest, bravest, and most faithful woman will dare to see her marriage as a ministry. This book will give you the inspiration you need to be that woman.

Compact and compelling, I Don’t Do Crazy Anymore brings into focus the picture of who God really is and gives readers a deeper understanding of why He allows difficult people and circumstances into our lives, along with practical advice on how to deal with it all.

Inner State 80 is a collection of inspirational readings by Dr. Joel C. Hunter. The book was developed from a ten-year preaching series designed to help people along on the journey toward spiritual maturity.

What is the church distributed? It's a way to make the most of our differences, connecting individuals and organizations together for long-term support and effectiveness without trying to blur our distinctions.

With A New Kind of Conservative, Dr. Hunter takes a provocative look at how faith and politics have interacted in America, giving civic-minded people a balanced and biblically-based approach to political involvement.